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Shebang Agency is a Melbourne based communications agency that boasts a new school approach to PR with old school values.

You see, as much as we know and love this fast-paced digital existence, we still believe that conversations are our superpower.

We thrive on making genuine connections with people - reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Melbourne PR and communications agency

We understand that women are busier than ever, but we can confidently cut-through the noise. We know exactly in which corners of the internet they’re spending their precious time – whether it be scrolling for inspiration or searching with a purpose.


We know who they follow on social media, which celebrities they’re stalking and their go-to websites to keep up to date with the latest trends or get trusted parenting advice. 

Melbourne PR and communications agency

We’re also tuned in to where they’re tuned in – the TV they’re binge watching, which magazines appeal, the podcasts and radio they fill their ears with or where they catch up on news and current affairs. 

 We know all this, because we are these women. 

Shebang Agency
Simone Redman-Jones
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Oh hey! I’m Simone, the gal at the helm of Shebang Agency.


I’ve been a publicist for over twenty years - Yikes! I love nothing more than meeting new people and helping them propel their brands into the stratosphere.

I was the girl at school that ‘talked too much’, so I consider myself lucky to have found a career that allows me to channel all that excited energy in a positive way.

After years of working across publicity, marketing and promotions departments in the entertainment industry at home and abroad and dabbling in the not-for-profit sector for a few years, here I am.


Ready and waiting to shim the sham.

 And what we do best is reach and connect with female audiences. 

 I guess you could say we put the She in Shebang. 

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